Our scene is too nice

And its suffering for it. Here in my hometown we relish in some good ol’ southern hospitality and boy does it ever cost us. I mean, wherever you go in the scene it’s showin love and support, collabs and cudos. And that’s all well and good. And it makes for a pretty picture on the surface but… there is an ugly side.

Thanks to our unwavering adherence to southern hospitality we’ve developed a collective avoidance of conflict that has allowed gatekeepers and vultures to proliferate in our little dirt town. Because when they strike and bite nobody want’s to speak up or speak out under threat of becoming some kind of social pariah for being the bearer of ugly truth.

I mean, I get it. No one really likes being the subject of a good read down. But in this town I’ve seen people do folks so dirty and still walk around like nothing ever happened. And when the culture demands southern hospitality like ours does it can absolutely mean ostracization form the scene if you come forward. And that allows predatory individuals to act with impunity and in some cases even rewarded for their assaults and given even more access to would be victims. C’mon Louisville, we better than that.