Visual Artist

Arte is a formally trained printmaker.

Artes’ art focuses on mixing elements together that don’t normally coexist. Blending cultural folklore and identity. The goal behind these blends is to create a common ground for people to appreciate one another. The goal for Arte is to bring folks together in a way that highlights their gifts and talents. Arte hopes to create spaces that allow us all to see some common ground while respecting our differences.  Arte believes that every artist has a platform that makes their voice louder than most regular folks and that there is a certain power that comes with that amplified voice.


Arte produces music under the pseudonym CHMBRS. Chmbrs goals with music center around education, beat production, DJing, live sound and event production. Chmbrs has been a part of a few bands in the Louisville Ky area. A founding member of Common Collective, a bass player in Soul River Brown Band, Blind Tigers, Jenna Dean, and currently a sound tech for Diamond Empire Band.

Chmbrs has produced a number of events including Arte Mixer, Best of the Bottom, Mixed Feelings, Lofi and Chill, Beat Cypher, Lofi Beach and a number of pop up events. Chmbrs goals with events is to bring different cultures together and to impart knowledge to the artist participating about managing their own events.


Under his government name, Paul Robey, Arte has been apart of the technology field for over a decade. Starting of in product development and moving into programming he’s done a little bit of everything. Currently his technology interests have evolved into music technologies. Focusing on software and hardware music production technology. Arte provides demos and tutorials for various sound gear and equipment.