here we go again

Is everything really art? I mean I could come up with some pretty compelling arguments to say it’s so but where’s the fun in that. Whats life without a little FU energy. It may be one of the most heartbreaking things for an artist to hear.

That’s not art, you’re not an artist.

I mean I’ve always had this aversion to hurting peoples feelings but sometimes I think you do folks a disservice by avoiding the truth. And the truth is, not everything is art and not every art is good. But whats the point? Who cares what someone else thinks about whatever you’re trying to pass off as ‘art’. What could any mind think that could take that away from you? I mean if you created it then it must be so. We are the stars of our own feature films right.

Yo art sucks.

I guess the real sand in my gash isn’t about your art art at all but, my own art, my own shit. And the lazy haphazard ass shit that I can throw at a wall and call ‘art’ when everything is art is just bull shit. Like isn’t there supposed to be some baseline interruption of thought that happens when you experience an art? If not, then what even is the purpose of art? I swear the whole damn thing is a sham.

But if you know me, and I mean if you’ve experienced me, hell if you’ve even been blessed by my presence then you probably know how I roll. Big, Loud and Impactful. And my superpower is never giving up. So that is that I suppose.

I’ve decided to fire my old site back up. I’m just building as I go so enjoy the randomness that is my mind.