My art focuses on mixing elements together that don’t normally coexist. With music I blend genres and styles, with visual art I blend cultural folklore and identity. The goal behind these blends is to create a common ground for people to appreciate one another. The goal for me is to bring folks together in a way that highlights their gifts and talents. I hope to create spaces that allow us all to see some common ground while respecting our differences.  Every artist has a platform that makes their voice louder than most regular folks. There is a certain power that comes with that amplified voice and I think it’s important that artist use it with purpose.

My inspiration comes from cultural criticisms, history, folklore and the people around me. I like to take elements from the past and overlay them on to modern society. My inspiration comes from social media, conversations with friends or institutions and where those things parallel historical events or folklore.

My name is Paul Robey. Arte Chambers is my pseudonym and art practice. I am a native of Louisville KY practicing in printmaking, photography, drawing, music and web development. I am a fine art student at Indiana University Southeast. I am also a father, trying to navigate parenting a pre-teen.