Arte Chambers and Kevlen Goodner with the original block

Kevlen Douglas “The Illest-strator” Goodner and I meet in Nulu at an art opening at Peach Soul boutique. We had an instant connection over art and blackness. We immediately clicked. And began working on a number of collaborations. Kevlen was a featured artist in my Arte Mixer 2018 show and we have shown our work together in a few other galleries. We began the Illest collab with the intention of hosting an art show we planned to call ’36 Chambers’ themed around the Wu-Tang clan.

First time we met

On March 27 2019, we all received the sad news that Kevlen had passed away. It was devastating news. Before Kevlen passed we started on a series of drawings that would be turned into woodcuts.

In traditional moku hanga or Japanese woodcuts, an illustrator would design a block and then send it to a carver who would carve the image into the block and then send it to a printer who would then print the carved block onto paper. Kevlen and I began our collaboration using this technique, he as the illustrator and myself as the carver. Kevlen was able to complete the illustration before his passing and now I am completing the carving.

The illustration is on a 34×42 inch birch plywood block which I am in the process of carving. The edition size will be no more than 500 pieces. I am opening up pre-sale for prints of this block, one of the only known woodcuts of Kevlen’s work. Pre-sale purchase of the block will guarantee that you get an original print and a certificate of authentication of this collaboration between Kelvin and I. 50% of all proceeds from this print will go to the family of Kevlen Goodner along with the block once the edition is completed.

Detail of the woodcut, carving in progress

The Illest Collab Pre-Order $99

Pre-Order $99

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