La Pieta Noir; Reduction Woodcut

La Pieta Noir explores loss as a result of state sanctioned violence through the lens of those left behind, especially parents, specifically mothers.

La Pieta Noir ‘s subject matter is inspired by the images of the weeping mothers of victims of extrajudicial killings by police. The choice to focus on these figures hopes to elicit a compassionate response to those left behind.

Stylistically La Pieta Noir borrows from Michelangelo’s statue of the same name. It also uses technique popularized by artist Kehinde Wiley of positioning black figures in the style of classical european works.

My goal with this print is to start conversation around those left behind after extrajudicial murder, sensationalism, activism, marches, the movement, loss.

La Pieta Noir is a reduction woodcut in an edition of 15, 30 by 40 inch prints. My goal is to auction each print off to the benefit of 15 different non-profits who facilitate community healing. Each print in the edition will be paired with a charitable organization and auctioned. 50% of the sale price will go to the paired organization and the rest to Arte Chambers.

I am looking for organizations to participate who meet the following criteria:

  • Engages with a marginalized community for the purpose of healing or engages in work that helps humanity as a whole
  • Is willing to ask their community of benefactors to participate in the auction
  • Is willing to utilize their physical and digital apce to promote the auction